Saturday, July 30, 2011

Joy List

Challenged by something I read yesterday to stop and create a current Joy List. Ready, set…go!

The kids belly laughing together. Finding a lamp I love at a garage sale for a steal. Overhearing Levi (2) sing, “The B-I-B-L-E.” Going to the doctor’s office with all 3 kids and they behave well. Jogging 3 miles. Being tackled in the living room by my husband. Having the kids come to my “rescue.” Precious, quite time with the Lord. The look on Jocelyn’s (5) face when she’s watching a princess movie. Creating a new play area for the kids in the basement. Stirring the whip cream into my ice peppermint mocha. Talks with my parents or sister on the phone. An e-mail or facebook message from a friend. Being asked to pray for someone. Seeing the Lord answer prayer. Luke (7) spontaneously writing me an “I love you Mom” note. A look from my gorgeous husband. Slipping on flip flops that have been warmed by the sun. A worship song that overwhelms me with His love. Picking vegtables from our own little garden.  Pool time.  Summertime.

How good and faithful is our God! I praise Him for all these blessings.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

String Cheese Thankfulness

A crinkled wrapper with the remains of old string cheese flew past my head in the car yesterday and landed on the floorboard. The kids were silent in the back seat as if collectively holding their breath in anticipation of my reaction. The guilty one, my 1 ½ year old son, was trying really hard to look interested in his shoe. I didn’t let them see, but I really couldn’t help but smile. That incident so perfectly encapsulated my week and oddly overwhelmed me with sheer thankfulness that I’m a Mommy of three beautiful, healthy, mischievous children. Fortunately for them, this feeling eradicated any ineffective comment I may have blurted. I drove down the street unexplainably smiling and praising God for giving me this incredible privilege. Further, I marveled at the matchless love He has for me as His child – the greatest privilege of all!

I can’t guarantee that the next object hurled by my head will be received with such an epiphany but I’m thankful for those moments of clarity and spontaneous praise to the Lord. He is so good – and so patient with me!

Making memories

Making memories